The Tea Things of Jane Austen

Perhaps you have been watching the new Netflix adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Persuasion and you wondered about the type of tea her characters drank. Tea historian Bruce Richardson describes the tea habits of Jane Austen and her characters in Regency England.

The 6 BEST TEAS of 2020

As 2020 drew to a close, I looked back on the exceptional teas that came my way throughout the year - even as gardens experienced temporary lockdowns and shipments from Asia encountered delays. While I was unable to visit gardens in person, I continue to search for teas that represent the classic taste profile from…

What Is a Dish of Tea?

It was a common occurrence in the Colonial era to receive an invitation to “share a dish of tea.” In 18th century Boston or Bath, a dish of tea referred to a teacup or tea bowl, containing black or green tea, placed on a saucer.

Tea for Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was an early “foodie” and his great passion for food and drink included Chinese teas, both black and green.   According to the archives of Monticello, Jefferson’s financial records and correspondence show consistent purchases of tea and provide valuable information about the kinds and amounts of tea he and his family drank. The few…

Is There Plastic in My Cup of Tea?

A news report about plastic particles leaching from tea sachets and into teacups has been spreading online and through news publications across Canada, England, and the United States since the end of September when a research study from Montreal’s McGill University was published. The small scale study showed plastic teabags released as much as 60…