Bruce Richardson creates unique tea blends for clients worldwide.

MSN calls Bruce Richardson “A leading tea expert involved in tea’s American renaissance for over two decades.”

Owner, Elmwood Inn Fine Teas
Publisher, Benjamin Press
Contributing Editor, TeaTime magazine
Contributing Editor, Tea Journey magazine
Tea Master for Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

    Bruce Richardson began his professional career as a conductor and baritone soloist. After two decades, the successful musician put down his baton and picked up a cup as tea became his favorite outlet for expressing his artistic talents.

    Having produced 14 books on tea and lectured to audiences across the globe, Tea Maestro Richardson is today one of the leading voices in America’s exciting tea renaissance.

    Bruce joined London’s Jane Pettigrew in co-authoring the last three editions of the popular reference book The New Tea Companion. Bruce and Jane teamed again for the 2014 Benjamin Press edition of A Social History of Tea. He also edited and expanded the 2011 Benjamin Press edition of Okakura Kakuzo’s classic Book of Tea.

    You can read Bruce’s Perfect Cup column in every edition of TeaTime magazine. His writings also appear in trade magazines such as Fresh Cup and Tea Journey

    In 2012, Bruce was named Tea Master for the new Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, which rises out of Boston Harbor. In 2017, he was named Master Tea Designer for HPLY fashion stores, based in Shanghai.

    Bruce Richardson in the tea gardens of Taiwan.

    Bruce Richardson has received commissions from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Yale British Art Collection, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and museums to design tea blends based on artwork in their collections.

    Bruce Richardson autographs books following a lecture on British Tea Etiquette at the 2017 China Global Tea Fair in Shenzhen.

    Bruce Richardson is a frequent guest speaker at tea and cultural events across America, Japan, UK, and China, including World Tea Expo, the North American Jane Austen Society, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Yamaguchi Prefectural University, UK Tea Academy, and China Global Tea Fair. Read more about this musician-turned-tea master by reading his full biography here.

    Yamaguchi Prefectural University lecture on Okakura Kakuzo and The Book of Tea

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