Bruce Richardson and Dorothea Johnson are the creators of Tea & Etiquette MasterClass®. This course-in-a-kit incorporates eleven lessons that help students of all ages – children, college students, or adults – learn basic dining and social skills.

Throughout the world, the ritual of tea is considered the universal cup of hospitality. This revered beverage provides the perfect tool for teaching good manners in countless cultures.

Tea & Etiquette MasterClass can also serve as a valuable aid to grow your tea business. Consultants in 38 states and a dozen foreign countries use our pre-planned lessons to build their client base as they make connections in their communities.

Who are the Tea & etiquette designers?

Dorothea Johnson founded The Protocol School of Washington® where she presented etiquette and protocol seminars to more than 100,000 individuals worldwide. As a frequent contributor to trade and business publications, she ranks as one of the most widely quoted etiquette and protocol experts in America. She has appeared on such television programs as ELLEN, The View, and Rachael Ray. Magazine features have included Bazaar, O, Marie Claire, and Vogue.

Bruce Richardson is the author of over a dozen tea books and a contributing editor at TeaTime magazine. He holds two degrees in education. Bruce is the Tea Master at The Boston Tea Party Ships Museum and a frequent speaker at tea events around the world.

Dorothea Johnson and Bruce Richardson have collaborated on two books that are included in your MasterClass teacher’s kit – Children’s Tea & Etiquette and Tea & Etiquette.

As an added bonus, you will receive five free books, including Children's Tea & Etiquette and Tea & Etiquette. That's a $100 value!

The program is ready to use right out of the box. Using your 400-page manual, all scripts and resources are laid out exactly as needed for your audiences. Plus, we include digital files for you to print your own customized student workbooks.

See the manual online or contact us at 800-765-2139 for more information on how you can become a professional Tea & Etiquette® trainer.

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