If you were watching the ABC series Nashville this week, you saw a scene featuring the famed Duck Parade at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.

It takes a steady hand to direct the daily Duck Parade at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.
I was in Memphis earlier this year to produce a story on Afternoon Tea at the Peabody. Watch for that delicious feature in an upcoming edition of TeaTime magazine. 

While there, I interviewed Anthony Petrina, Duck Master at the historic hotel. Anthony has the best job in the world because he is in charge of the care, protection, and training of his lively little brood – every child’s dream.

Judging by the crowds filling each inch of the lobby and mezzanine, it would appear that every visitor to the city eventually pops into the hotel lobby to watch Anthony conduct the colorful – but all too brief – duckling pageant. It is a childhood fantasy to be enjoyed by all ages.

In my short video interview, the Tea Maestro gets the Duck Master to reveal a few stories recalling how naughty these darling ducks can sometimes be when asked to perform on cue as they step from the elevator and head down a red carpet to the lobby fountain.

Don’t miss the ducks – and the fabulous Peabody afternoon tea – on your next trip to Memphis.

Read Bruce Richardson’s article, DUCK IN FOR TEA AT THE PEABODY, appearing in the July 2015 edition of TeaTime magazine.

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